I bet you didn’t think today would be the day you read an interesting article about public toilets, and yet here we are. John Metcalfe explains Why Portland’s Public Toilets Succeeded Where Others Failed:

The toilet’s durability can be chalked up to its defense-first design. “I think one thing we have ahead of other toilet designs is that we’ve learned people like to do nefarious things” to public lavatories, says DiBenedetto. So the Portland Loo includes a variety of bells and whistles meant to keep in check the most degenerate of bathroom users.

The toilets are made of heavy-gauge stainless steel, they have no running water, no mirrors, bars at the top and bottom of the structure (so sound can flow freely), and graffiti-proof coating. And because of that, they are still standing.

Rian van der Merwe Product manager • Author • Speaker