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This is Tomorrow Records — currently my favorite record store in Portland. Beautiful space, well-curated collection.

So this was an interesting find today. It is, as best I can tell, an original pressing (Discogs release #10900025 if anyone wants to check my work). It’s not a Blakey album I was familiar with, but I had a quick listen and loved it. Hidden gem for sure.

Anyway, the vinyl didn’t look to be in great condition. So I talked them down (a lot), gave it a good wash (3 times), and am now listening through it. Not gonna lie, it’s not the quietest record I own. But I feel like it’s pretty good for something that was made in 1967 and has obviously been played a lot. Pretty sure I can sell it for 3x what I bought it for. But not this time. This is not an easy record to come by. So I’m hanging on for dear life to this piece of history.

Snow drama.

📍 Atkinson sledding hill, Portland.

Snow music.

🎵 Sting, Mercury Falling

The kind of album that can save a life if you hear it at the right time.

🎵 Nils Frahm, Spaces

I am equal parts excited and scared to read this.

📖 Cal Newport, Digital Minimalism.

Tonight’s dinner-making music.

🎺 John Coltrane, Stardust

Our neighborhood bar does this great thing called the “Socialist Bartender Program.” The owner goes out and buys a ridiculously expensive bottle of whisk{e}y every week, and then they sell 1.5 Oz pours to customers at cost price. It gives us an opportunity to try out whisk{e}ys that we would never be able to afford to buy for ourselves. Last night my wife and I shared a pour of this amazing 26-year old Islay Scotch.

I hope more neighborhood bars start doing this. It’s such a cool idea.

📍 Vintage Cocktail Lounge, Portland, OR

Coffee and reading.

📍Good Coffee, Portland, OR.

My 6YO daughter has good dreams.

Ah the good old days, when he still made good music.

🎵 Wake-up music for a gloomy Portland Saturday morning.

We’re not getting snow, but it’s been awfully gloomy in Portland lately.

Last night we played Vindication for the first time. It is such an interesting game, with a very unique setup and story. You start off as a wretched human being. Immoral, corrupt, and thrown overboard by your shipmates, you wash up on an island and try to slowly redeem yourself. The person with the most “honor” at the end wins the game. It has some elements of area control and worker placement mechanics, but with enough of a twist to keep it interesting. And the artwork is gorgeous. Highly recommended.

A sunset run through the streets of Philadelphia.

Espresso and sun at Wildbit HQ.

Snuck in a Philly run before it got too dark. Nice to stay in a different part of town this time!

End-of-year reflections at Mt. Tabor, Portland, OR.

End-of-year reflections.