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🎵 TV On The Radio ‎– Seeds (2014, 2x LP, Limited Edition, Pink & Green, Blue & Yellow, Harvest, Discogs Release 6318079)

I love how TV On The Radio went all-out on their packaging here. I’m not usually a fan of colored vinyl, but in this case it all works together really well. It’s also an excellent-sounding pressing, well worth getting just for the joy that it will provide to your system.

I know this is a big statement, but I think “On The Corner Where You Live” by The Paper Kites is my favorite album of the year so far. There’s something about that electric guitar tone, and the lead singer’s voice, that just… ministers to my soul, I guess. The vinyl edition includes an acoustic album they released earlier in the year called “On The Train Ride Home”, which is a beautiful companion to the main album.

The artwork for both albums is also 💯. Large posters of each painting are included.

🎵 The Paper Kites ‎– On The Train Ride Home/On The Corner Where You Live (2018, 2x LP, Deluxe Edition, Gold/Silver, Nettwerk)

That Pacific Northwest Living, once Daylight Savings rolls around…

Daylight Fading

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls, Portland, OR.

I love this story so much. Who Says Allie Kieffer Isn’t Thin Enough to Run Marathons?

Kieffer has given us a powerful example of what can happen when we stop trying to force ourselves to meet preconceived notions of how to achieve success — especially unhealthy, untrue ideas — and go after our goals on our own terms. When we focus less on fixing what we consider to be inadequacies and more on reinforcing our strengths, we can realize potential we didn’t even know we had.

This is terrifying and heartbreaking:

Because bullying on your main feed is seen by many as aggressive and uncool, many teens create hate pages: separate Instagram accounts, purpose-built and solely dedicated to trashing one person, created by teens alone or in a group. They’ll post bad photos of their target, expose her secrets, post screenshots of texts from people saying mean things about her, and any other terrible stuff they can find.

So, here’s a thought. Dont buy an Echo:

Amazon has submitted a patent application, recently granted, outlining how the company could recommend chicken soup or cough drops to people who use its Echo device if it detects symptoms like coughing and sniffling when they speak to it, according to a report by CNET. It could even suggest a visit to the movies after discerning boredom. Other patents submitted by the company have focused on how it could suggest products to people based on keywords in their conversations.

This is the best comic I’ve seen about remote work.

Taken from this excellent article on distributed teams.

🎵 Here’s something I find super weird. Fake vinyl “ring wear” on digital album covers.

Kurt Vile Ring Wear

🎵 Music recommendation: Dark All Day by GUNSHIP


I’m really enjoying Dark All Day by Gunship. If you’re into the whole synthwave thing, you should definitely check it out. They do a cover of Time After Time that I’m going to go ahead and call better than the original. Come at me.