Jeff Beer does a fascinating deep-dive into Netflix’s use of social media in his Fast Company article Inside the Secretly Effective — and Underrated — Way Netflix Keeps Its Shows and Movies at the Forefront of Pop Culture:

The company uses its social and brand editorial department as the engine that keeps Netflix shows and movies at the forefront of the pop-culture conversation. By imbuing its social platforms with the personality of a meme-happy fan who lives for TV and movies (rather than being stunt-driven, deadpan, or, worse, mocking the very audience it seeks), Netflix’s approach goes beyond mere promotion and jumps armpit-deep into participation and collaboration. They’re both marketing, but the Netflix strategy pushes over into something more surprising: an ongoing, creative dialogue with audience members who can sniff out forced enthusiasm in a nanosecond. When what Netflix delivers on social feels genuine, the difference in engagement is stark.

Rian van der Merwe Product manager • Author • Speaker