A decade of Mutemath

Mutemath’s self-titled album

Just over 10 years ago my wife and I went to a tiny dive bar in San Francisco called Slim’s to see one of our favorite bands at the time: Mae. Instead we went home with a new obsession: an unknown band called Mutemath. They were the first opening band of the night. As they started playing we looked at each other in disbelief with “what is this!?” looks on our faces.

After the show we bought their EP, got it autographed, and went home completely amazed by what we just experienced. A few weeks later Mutemath released their self-titled album, which became the soundtrack of our lives for many years. They remain, to this day, the best live band we’ve ever seen, and the most inspiring and “this is us” music we own.

This month, Mutemath re-released that self-titled album on vinyl. They only made 1,000 copies, and of course I got up at midnight to order one. It arrived today, and I feel so much joy and comfort knowing that we now get to experience this album that has been so influential in our lives in a tangible way.

Thank you, Mutemath, for the part you play in our lives.