The last time we went to the Oregon Coast was over 3 years ago, and it wasn’t great. It was our third attempt within the span of a few weeks to make it out there and have a good time. My wife spent most of her childhood in San Diego, so she loves the beach, and when we first moved to Portland she had a really hard time being so far away from the ocean. What we didn’t know at the time is that there’s a reason Oregoneans call it the “coast” and not the “beach”. The first two times we went we were underdressed for the terrible cold, and spent most of our time dealing with meltdowns (not all of them by the kids).

Anyway, we thought we were prepared on that third attempt, and we were determined to make our “beach” day work. We had warm clothes, a plan, and plenty of snacks. The day went mostly fine, and on our way home we felt pretty good about the whole thing.

But then, suddenly all the cars stopped. There was a bad accident up ahead, and they ended up closing the freeway completely. It took us 8 hours to get home (it’s usually a <2 hour drive). We decided to call it quits after that. Screw the beach coast.

At the end of last week we decided to try again. We are, after all, seasoned Oregonians now. We know how to pronounce “Willamette River” correctly and everything. We also learned that day trips to the coast are a bad idea. So we stayed a couple of nights in Seaside, OR, and I am happy to confirm that the coast has been redeemed for the VDMs.

We had a lovely family weekend, with only the regular amount of meltdowns (and this time only by the kids).

Seaside, OR
Seaside, OR
Beach for miles
Cold? What cold!?
Aquarium time
The wolf eel is my new favorite fish. I feel you, bro.
Haystack Rock (from The Goonies!)
More Haystack Rock
The ladies
Beautiful sunset